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About Us

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BPME started in 2015 with General Medical English and OET courses for doctors, nurses and therapists within Germany but also greater continental Europe, India, Australia and South America.

Our teaching, learning objectives and materials development are based on first-hand experience in medical practice, international language benchmarks such as the CEFR, and knowledge of curriculum development and adult foreign language learning. BPME is also a Premium OET Provider (2018) trained directly by OET and demonstrating high quality in materials creation, curriculum planning, and teaching.

We work to identify and overcome students’ issues with language structure, communication and related employment skills, and get them “over their hump” and moving forward in their careers and lives. We do this by offering a suite of courses from basic and intermediate medical English (B1-B2+) through to advanced level OET preparation (CEFR B2+/C1) and beyond to more specialized courses (C1 and above), delivered through online courses, personalised private tutoring or – the most used – blended learning.


Alecia Jaderberg

Alecia Banfield MBBS MPH, TEFL/TESOL – Director

I know what healthcare professionals go through every day. My goals are to help them understand the real-life English they need and, in line with current best practice, to become global professionals with global opportunities.

Alecia is from Barbados and qualified as a medical and public health doctor, practicing in hospital before becoming a Deputy Medical Officer of Health for a Primary Care Clinic. On moving to Central America then Germany, she focused her career on Communication in Healthcare and ESL. Her medical and public health background, and her own experiences becoming multilingual, form the bases for the programme’s online and classroom teaching approach. She became a Premium OET Preparation Provider in 2018.

Mike William George  BSc (Hons) – Tutor

I know how important OET is to you and this is why I want to help you.

Mike is a certified English teacher and OET Preparation Provider who previously spent 25 years in the Healthcare industry, working in pharmaceutical, medical device and software sales.

Mike George
Mike George
Robert Gerchalk

Robert Gerchalk RN – Tutor

“I know what doctors, residents, and interns, as well as nurses experience in a major Medical Center. I will be happy to work with you to improve your medical English and prepare you for the OET.”

Robert is American who now lives in Thailand. He was a nurse at the world-renowned teaching hospital, Johns Hopkins, in the Department of Medicine. He then worked at mental health and substance abuse hospitals in Florida and became an instructor at a nursing College in Miami. He continues to teach doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff.

Michael ODowd

Michael ODowd MSc, ESL – Tutor

“I have a wealth of experience working with students from all backgrounds. I work closely with them to help them attain their goals.”

Michael is a certified ESL and OET tutor working with doctors and nurses in assisting them to pass their exams. With his MSc in Business and Accounting, he has a wealth of experience working with students from all backgrounds and, in addition to OET, prepares candidates for Business English exams.

Gaziza Tolesh BA, MA – eLearning Coordinator

“I’m a ‘life-long learner’. I have a passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural communication and e-learning. I continually build on my foundations in international relations and healthcare education, and stay in tune with the latest digital learning strategies.”

Gaziza has experience managing educational processes and teaching English as a second language for students. She has a Bachelors in Educational Sciences, and Masters in International Relations, and in European Migration and Intercultural Relations.