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How to Prepare for OET?

Study with an OET-trained tutor who knows how to build on your strengths and help you improve your weaknesses. A library of quality lesson materials and standardised, real OET Practice Tests ensure you develop the exact skills you need under real test conditions. Plus access Live Group Class for further support during study.

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OET Reading and Listening are common to all professions and test your ability to find detailed information fast and understand more complex meaning of communication in real clinical and non-clinical scenarios. OET Speaking and Writing are profession-specific and look in more detail at your language structure and if you can communicate effectively, accurately and safely without causing strain on patients, caregivers and colleagues.

Live Mock testing gives insight into your starting point or your readiness for test day.

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What is your timeline? Where do you need guidance in your OET Preparation? 

Your OET is 2 – 3 WEEKS AWAY and you need review, practice and tips for all 4 subtests? Or you simply learn best with a live tutor who is focused solely on you? CHOOSE:

Need point-by-point writing feedback to reach your target grade? Or are you a UKFP candidate?  Get case notes, detailed corrections, letter and number grade, and recommendations that spotlight your specific issues. CHOOSE:

New to OET with your exam 1 MONTH AWAY, and need a step-by-step guide on how to approach everything from case notes and important language skills, to writing your best letter in 45 minutes? CHOOSE:

Private 1:1 Coaching

OET 2-3 weeks away?

Writing Correction Service

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Just need practice with quality, OET- standardised Listening and Reading Practice Tests? Get practice tests PLUS email and live group class tutor support as you study. CHOOSE:

Need OET-standardised Practice Tests PLUS the benefits of Private 1:1 tutoring to focus on your own specific issues? And perhaps do a mini mock test? CHOOSE:

Need a native English-speaking OET expert to guide you with role plays and higher scores in each criterion? Get OET-standardised role plays, detailed feedback, letter AND number grades, and recommendations that spotlight your specific issues. CHOOSE: 

Listening & Reading Practice Combo


Listening & Reading + Private Coaching


Speaking Practice


Need to know if you are OET-ready OR where to start in your Preparation? Simulated live exam conditions. Feedback includes your corrected papers, letter AND number grades, strengths and weaknesses, and what you need to do to improve. CHOOSE:

OET 1 – 2 MONTHS AWAY and you want to cover all points in all subtests in a compact, guided, complete course? Self-access materials, Private 1:1 tutored classes and Complete Mock Testing to check that you really are ready! CHOOSE:

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