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Scared female patient before dental procedure and male doctor holding local anesthetic injection

Module 6: Use of English in Healthcare

In Module 6, you will Use the right tone and intonation for different conversations Instruct, reassure, suggest, caution, encourage and advise Restate and rephrase information Confirm understanding Vocabulary overview: medications procedures tests Grammar overview: prepositions of time adverbs of time modal verbs imperative function of language (informing, suggesting, warning, and more) Speaking focus: tone intonation

Module 5: In and Out patient Follow Up, Phone calls

In Module 5, you will Practice common idioms in describing feelings Compare, contrast and summarise changes in patient condition Give important but basic explanations and instructions Learn and practice shorter grammar forms when giving information and instructions Vocabulary overview: symptoms clinical signs activities of daily life Grammar overview: phrasal verbs collocations idioms adjectives and adverbs

Module 4: Discussing Tests, Diagnosis and Prognosis

In Module 4, you will Explain provisional and differential diagnoses Describe test purpose and procedure Discuss treatments available and their effects Inform, reassure and warn about outcomes Vocabulary overview: kinds of tests test equipment common verbs in medical procedures Grammar overview: verb+noun collocations simple future (will / going to) active and passive voice conditional 0

Module 3: The Patient Interview II

In Module 3, you will Get details about symptoms   Record details accurately while you listen Ask politely to do a physical examination Give instructions during physical examination Explain provisional diagnosis Vocabulary overview: anatomy  common symptoms allergies Grammar overview: present perfect progressive past progressive past perfect adjectives (for symptoms) comparisons FLUENCY with important speaking patterns Speaking

Module 2: The Patient Interview I

In Module 2, you will Greet your patient appropriately Record accurate details about family and social background Ask about general health issues and new problems Use correct grammar to discuss timelines Vocabulary Greetings Social Background Emotional Intelligence Grammar Present Tenses Simple Past Present Perfect Prepositions Of Time Prepositions In Idioms FLUENCY with important speaking patterns

Module 1: Medical English Essentials

In Module 1, you will Discuss background, and job roles and responsibilities (facts) Talk about plans, goals and ambitions Talk about patient-centred care Link similar and different ideas together in sentences (conjunctions) Vocabulary overview: healthcare professions hospital and ward layout and equipment patient-centred care role of healthcare Grammar overview: simple present simple future ‘will’ and