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Contents & Goals:

By the end of this part of your course, you will:

  • understand points of a good referral letter.
  • be able to identify what information is relevant to your reader, and what you can leave out.
  • develop skills to help you organise, prioritise and summarise information.
  • practise writing a letter yourself!

Assessment of your written course work:

  • This online part has 2 referral letters for you to write: in Module 5 Ex. 5.5 & Module 10.
  • Do Module 5 Ex. 5.5 on a piece of paper and save for the in-class session. (Check the schedule)
  • Type your Module 10 letter directly inside the online course, in the text field provided. The answer field gets larger as you type. When done, hit “Finish” / “Confirm finish”. Your letter will automatically come to us. You do not need to email it.

NOTE for working with the practice tests: if you start an exercise, you must finish it and click “Finish” before you will be allowed to move on to another exercise.  But you can do the exercises in any order you wish.

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