OET Intensive Writing Course | Nurses

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Everything you need to know and practice to do well in the subtest.


  • Understand the structure of the subtest and how it is assessed by examiners
  • Learn detailed strategies for identifying relevant information and ignoring non-relevant information.
  • Develop skills in organizing, summarising and paraphrasing, becoming more concise while staying accurate.
  • Practice writing under timed conditions as in the real OET and get feedback and grade on your letter assignments.
  • Study other Corrected Samples with commentary & grades.


  • Do module quizzes on essential vocabulary, grammar, subtest knowledge, and fine-skill focus.
  • Submit 4 OET Writing tasks for correction, grade & feedback.

Feedback takes 2 days. If over a Sunday or public holiday, it may take up to 1 day more.

Study Boost!

    {Course access – 90 days}