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OET Preparation – 1 Hour Live Online Class

Well done! You are on the path to OET success.

Step 1: To book your session, email us at and let us know: 

  • Your profession.
  • Your preferred days, dates, and timings for the OET session/s.
  • The sub test or specific area of any sub test you’d like to focus on during the session/s.
  • If you’ve taken the test before. If yes, please specify when you took the test and the score you received in each section.

Step 2: We will provide you class details based on your preferences.

Live Online OET Preparation Classes will help you excel in the Occupational English Test (OET). Led by seasoned OET experts, our interactive sessions can cover all four subtests – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

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Key Features:

  • Completely Flexible: Choose your preferred duration, time, day and topics for classes. Take a fast-track course or one-on-one sessions.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from experienced OET instructors who provide comprehensive insights into the exam format, strategies, and content.
  • Real-time Interaction: Engage in live, interactive classes that replicate the classroom experience, allowing you to ask questions, seek clarification, and participate in discussions.
  • Personalized Feedback: Receive constructive feedback on your performance in practice tests and writing tasks, enhancing your skills and addressing specific areas of improvement.
  • Targeted Strategies: Master proven strategies and techniques to tackle each subtest effectively, boosting your confidence and performance on exam day.
  • Comprehensive Materials: Access a wealth of study materials, practice tests, and resources designed to reinforce your understanding of OET concepts and refine your skills.
  • Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy perks such as additional study resources, and ongoing support from our team to enhance your overall learning experience.

Prepare with confidence and achieve success in the OET with our OET Preparation Live Online Classes.