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  1. Do online Medical English B1B2 Modules 1-6. You can buy Modules one by one or all together. You need a score of >80% for each exercise, and you can do exercises 3 times. More information is inside Modules.
  2. With this pack, book 6 Private Tutor classes (below). You can also buy more classes. TIP: do at least one class during each Module.
  3. After Modules 1-3, do the Interim Test (below). Get >80%.
  4. After Modules 4-6, do the Final Test (below). Get >80%.
  5. Complete all Modules, tutor classes and tests within 9 months (270 days) of starting. This includes requesting your certificate.
  6. Request your certificate: send an email to Allow 7 work days for us to review your data and issue your certificate.