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In Module 2, you will

  • Greet your patient appropriately
  • Record accurate details about family and social background
  • Ask about general health issues and new problems
  • Use correct grammar to discuss timelines


  • Greetings
  • Social Background
  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Present Tenses
  • Simple Past
  • Present Perfect
  • Prepositions Of Time
  • Prepositions In Idioms

FLUENCY with important speaking patterns

Speaking aloud common word groups (sometimes called collocations) helps you speak more smoothly and naturally.

In this module, these groups of words (collocations) are underlined. Examples of common collocations:

  • allergic to (e.g. peanuts)
  • fill a prescription
  • take sick leave

English speakers tie words together so the end of one word runs into the start of the next.

Examples of tying sounds together:

  • history of = his’tryof
  • fill a prescription = filla prescription
  • I am a banker = I’mabanker

Practice saying word groups aloud, running them together until they flow as one expression

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