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Includes 8 standardised Listening Practice tests + tutorials.

Course includes:

  • Immediate self-access to tests and course materials in your Library
  • Answers scored automatically to help improve your understanding
  • “The OET Listening Coach” with practice audios & exercises
  • “Ask a Tutor” email support through in-course messaging. Simply “Post a Comment”

{Course access – 90 days}

Are you doing “Listening & Reading Combo” or “Practice tests + Private Coaching”? There are helpful BONUS STUDY Resources for Listening & Reading in these combined courses.


The OET Listening sub-test consists of three parts, a total of 42 question items, about 50 minutes.

Part A

2 consultations between a health professional and a patient (dialogue) with 12 short answers each. You have 30 seconds to read the questions to each audio before it starts. Part A assesses your ability to hear detail. Use the subheadings of the questions to guide you. Answer with 1-3 words (note form!). 

Part B

6 short extracts indifferent clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings. Each question has 3 MCQ options. This assesses your ability to identify gist, opinion or purpose and inference.  

Part C

2 longer recordings of a healthcare presentation or interview. Each audio has 6  3-option MCQs  and you have 90 seconds to read the questions before each audio starts.


Tips for approaching each part of this subtest

Before starting your Practice tests, go to “Tutorials” –> “The OET Listening Coach”. RIGHT CLICK to download the Coach.


How to work with these Listening Practice tests

Preview the whole question (e.g. Part A Extract 1) first before you start the exercise.

Start the exercise and enter your answers in the boxes provided. You can hear the audios as you answer the questions.

Click “Finish” / “Confirm Finish” when done and you will see the answers and score.

NOTE: if you start an exercise, you must finish it and click “Finish” before you will be allowed to move on to another part.  BUT you can do the practice papers or parts A, B and C in any order you wish.

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