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Well done! You are on the path to OET success.

Follow the following steps to proceed with your Writing assessment.

Step 1: Accessing the Case Note/s

  • If you have selected 1 case note: please let us know your profession, by writing in to us at
  • If you have selected more than 1 case note: please let us know (a) your profession and (b) the number of case notes you have selected, by writing in to us at

Step 2: Writing and Submitting


    • On receiving the case note, you may hand write or type your letter.
    • Handwritten submissions must be GOOD QUALITY and EASY TO READ, in black or blue pen or dark pencil. Letters that are not easy to read cannot be reviewed.
    • Provide submissions in Word/ PDF format.
    • Email your submission (with you name and profession) to admin@promedicalenglish.comPlease allow the stipulated time (3 working days) for return of feedback.


Practice under OET conditions:

    • Use a timer
    • Reading time: 5 minutes. This time is provided to study the writing task and notes but you MUST NOT write, highlight, underline or make any notes.
    • Writing time: 40 minutes.

    Note: If you have selected more than 1 case note, please send in 1 task at a time so you have time to review and implement the feedback you are provided in each letter before you move on to the next.

    Step 3: OET Writing Assessment and Feedback

    On submitting your OET letter for correction, you will get:

    • Feedback with letter score – Get assessed by healthcare experts and get expert feedback, a letter grade and guidelines for each letter based on OET examining criteria.
    • Your corrected letter with highlighted errors and suggestions for broad areas of improvement in terms of language, grammar, vocabulary and spelling .
    • A sample letter for you to review and learn from.

    Complete the assessment within 30 days of buying this course.


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