Course News:   Pause in Live Group Class for the Month of April.   Continue to access Private Coaching and get email tutor support for your queries.   New Complete OET Preparation Course coming late April.   Events: Easter Discount on all courses in April.


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Before starting your Practice tests, download and review “The OET Listening Coach”

How to work with these Listening Practice tests

You can preview the whole question (e.g. Part A Extract 1) first before you start the exercise.

Start the exercise and enter your answers in the boxes provided. You will continue to play as you answer the questions.

Click “Finish” / “Confirm Finish” when done and you will see the answers and your score.

NOTE: if you start an exercise, you must finish it and click “Finish” before you will be allowed to move on to another part.  BUT you can do the practice papers or parts A, B and C in any order you wish.

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