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By the end of this section, you will:

  • Understand the structure and how it is assessed by examiners
  • Learn how to identify relevant information and ignore non-relevant.
  • Learn how to organise, summarise, and paraphrase infromation while staying accurate.
  • Practice writing under timed conditions and get feedback on your letters.
  • Review corrected samples with commentary & grades.

Before starting , download and review “The OET Writing Coach”

How to work with this Writing section

  • Watch the module video tutorials
  • Start the exercise and enter your answers in the boxes provided.
  • Click “Finish” / “Confirm Finish” when done and you will see the answers and your score.

NOTE: if you start an exercise, you must finish it and click “Finish” before you will be allowed to move on to another part.  

*Course access 70 days

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