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Reading Exercise H [B2-/OET]

  UNDERSTANDING VOCABULARY BASED ON CONTEXT When you read an article in English, you will likely not recognise every word you read. However, you can sometimes guess the meaning of new vocabulary or idioms based on the context in which they are used. Instructions. Read the text “The Changing Role of Healthcare Professionals”. Without using

Reading Exercise G [B2-/OET]

UNDERSTANDING GIST (the general point) Instructions. Read the text “Patient-Centred Care” and answer the questions.

Writing Exercise F [B1+]

RESPONSES IN A JOB INTERVIEW Instructions. For each question below, there are two phrases or sentences, followed by three possible conjunctions. In the answer box, join the phrases with the correct conjunction from the choices given. Rewrite the whole sentence. For this exercise, do not put commas in your sentences. An example has been done

Listening Exercise E [B1+]

LIFE AND WARD ROUTINES Instructions: In this exercise, listen to the audio and choose the exact language that completes what the speaker says. TIPS: FIRST, read all the questions. THEN play the audio and answer the questions. Try to answer the questions without stopping the audio.

Grammar Lesson E [B1+]

DAILY ROUTINE – HOME AND WORK Daily Routine There are many collocations and idioms in talking about our daily routine. EXAMPLES Personal routine get out of bed OR   get up take a shower get OR eat breakfast take the bus OR train (to work) work a shift (work and early shift / work a

Reading Exercise D [B1+]

WORKING ON THE WARD INSTRUCTIONS: Use the items and vocabulary from Exercises D (also Appendix 1.4 – Hospital Ward and Appendix 1.5 – Ward Items) to complete the sentences. Write only the MISSING WORD(S) in the answer space. Do not write the complete sentence. TIPS: Read the whole text first before starting to answer the questions.

Vocabulary Exercise D Part 2 [A2]

Instructions. Look at the items in the diagram labelled A-L. In the exercise below, match the correct item to the letter. See also APPENDIX 1.5 – Ward Items

Vocabulary Exercise D Part 1 [A2]

Instructions. Look at the items in the diagram labelled A-I. In the exercise below, match the correct item to the letter. See also APPENDIX 1.4 – Hospital Ward

Reading Exercise C [B1+]

 HOSPITAL DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES INSTRUCTIONS: Choose which part of the hospital matches the text. In each question, only one answer is correct. NOTE: Not all options will be used! TIP: You can use 1 APPENDIX 1.3 – Hospital Layout Plan to also match the images from VOCABULARY. EXERCISE B write down more activities that happen in