1 Writing Assessment + Sample submission & feedback


  • You may hand write or type your letter.
  • Handwritten submissions must be GOOD QUALITY and EASY TO READ, in black or blue pen or dark pencil. Letters that are not easy to read cannot be reviewed.
  • Provide submissions in Word/ PDF format.
  • To get case notes, email us with your profession at admin@promedicalenglish.com OR If buying more than 1 assessment, just send us an email at admin@promedicalenglish.com for more case notes.


  1. Use a timer and practice using the OET conditions:
  2. Reading time: 5 minutes. Study the writing task and notes but you MUST NOT write, highlight, underline or make any notes.
  3. Writing time: 40 minutes.
  • Email your submission (with you name and profession) to corrections@promedicalenglish.comPlease allow the stipulated time (3 working days) for return of feedback.
  • Have a query? Click the “Post a comment” link below, enter your question, then click “Post a comment” again.  DO NOT TYPE YOUR ANSWER IN THIS COMMENT BOX. SEND IT IN A SEPARATE EMAIL as instructed above).
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