Grammar Lesson E [B2-]


Phrasal verbs are verb + preposition-combinations that have a specific meaning. Because there is no pattern to the prepositions, it is best to learn the combination of words as if they are one word.

Discussing Care Plans

There are many phrasal verbs that are used to discuss care plans.

  • The swelling has settled down. We think you can go home.
  • Have you managed to give up smoking? (give up = stop)
  • You’re now 14 weeks pregnant. Are you still throwing up? = (throw up = vomit)
  • Your prescription is for five days. If the symptoms haven’t settled down by then, come back and see us. (settle down = improve, calm)
  • Hello, Nurse. I just wanted to let you all know that my dad passed away two days ago.  (pass away = die)

See APPENDIX 5.3 for common phrasal verbs in healthcare


Practice repeating ALOUD each example sentence in the lesson above. Focus on the common collocations, RUNNING THEM TOGETHER until they flow as ONE EXPRESSION.  The collocations are underlined.


Instructions: Rewrite these sentences correcting the phrasal verb in each case.

TIPS – For best marks, also pay attention to

  1. tense and overall meaning
  2. punctuation, capital letters, spacing and spelling

See APPENDIX 5.3 and also Module 4 Exercise L

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