Grammar Lesson F [B2-]


  1. ‘suggest’ and ‘recommend’

You can use these words directly in sentences. They often mean the same thing:

  • I recommend speaking to a professional about your depression.
  • I suggest taking a walk in the park, even if you do not feel like it. It can positively affect your mood.

1. Modal verb ‘could’

Using the modal verb in an indirect sentence that functions as a suggestion:

  • You could take a walk in the park to help improve your mood.

2. Conditional 2 with ‘would’

This is more appropriate in a personal setting, since the speaker puts themselves in the patient’s position and gives a personal opinion, not a professional one. For this reason, it might seem inappropriate to many patients. However, be aware of the use of this language:

If + simple past, …would + main verb

  • If I were you, I would see a professional about my depression.

For ‘modal verbs’ & ‘conditionals’, see: Module 4 – Reading Lesson K


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