Grammar Lesson K [B2+]


A person may feel positively about something – think it is good. Or they may have negative feelings – disagree with someone, not believe something, or think an action is wrong.

There are direct and indirect ways to give an opinion or express an attitude.

Direct expression of opinion

Person can signpost their opinions with the usual expressions:

  • I think the struggle with viral epidemics is just beginning.
  • I believe we will have pandemics more frequently.
  • In my opinion, more research is needed on the behavior of viruses and developing vaccines.
  • My opinion is that public health and preventive medicine should be a priority for all governments.
  • My point of view is that “good healthcare” should not have to mean “expensive healthcare”.

Indirect expression of opinion or attitude

Often, however, a person will not signpost their opinion, but their attitude is still clear from what they say and how they say it.

Do they use positive language?


  • “There’s benefit to…”
  • “The positive outcomes include…”
  • “Clear progress has been made with …” 
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