LISTENING Exercise I [B2-]

Polite requests and enquiries  – Listening and Speaking

Task 1. Listen to audio PAU 3.I of a doctor giving instructions while examining a patient. Pick all the phrases and questions that you hear. There are MULTIPLE ANSWERS.

Task 2. Do the Speaking Exercise that comes next, and help build your fluency!


Listen again to the doctor in audio PAU 3.I   Practice repeating the below polite requests and sentences until you too sound smooth and natural. There are pauses in the audio for practice or you can pause the audio.

  1. Are you able to get on the bed?
  2. Would you please remove your trousers?
  3. Could you take a big breath in?
  4. I’d just like to examine your abdomen.
  5. Would it be okay if I removed your shirt?
  6. I just need to check your blood pressure, if that’s okay?


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