Module 6 Exercise 6.2 – TIMED WRITING TASK


  • Instructions: This exercise is time slightly longer (50 minutes) than allowed in the real test (45 minutes). This is to allow you to become accustomed to writing under pressure. Use the case notes and what you have learned so far to write a referral letter to the dietitian.
    • Your letter should be approximately 180 – 200 words.
    • Write complete sentences, not note form.
    • Use a professional letter format. (If you are not sure what professional format is, don’t worry. We will cover this in the next module!)


    • Read the task first.
    • Summarize main points
    • Think about what the reader needs and doesn’t need
    • Prioritize the information – outline the main issue and requested action first; then supporting information afterward
    • Arrange information and paragraphs logically