Speaking Lesson F [B2]


Like phrasal verbs, there are other groups of words which English speakers often use together which simply sound natural. There are many of these so-called collocations that are specific to healthcare.

Practice repeating ALOUD each example sentence in the lesson above (Collocations ). Focus especially on what is underlined, RUNNING THEM TOGETHER until they flow as ONE EXPRESSION.  .

e.g. ‘take-eh-fekt”

  • These pain killers take effect quickly so you can’t drive.
  • The surgery went well and she’ll make a full recovery.
  • He’ll need to undergo surgery. Is there anyone who can give blood
  • Unfortunately, the tumor isn’t responding to treatment.
  • If your pain doesn’t decrease, the doctor will perform surgery.
  • You’ll need a prescription. You can’t get these tablets over the counter.
  • It sounds like you’re allergic to codeine.
  • My blood pressure is still high because I’m under a lot of stress.
  • Since you want lose weight and get in shape, I’ll refer you to a fitness trainer.
  • Your range of motion is much better. It’s clear you’re on the mend.
  • When were you discharged from hospital?
  • Have your dental surgery first before your joint replacement. Tooth extractions can make you susceptible to bone infection.
  • To prevent complications from infection, keep the dressing covered and dry.
  • With good family support and occupational health, you should back in good health soon.

See APPENDIX 5.4 for “Healthcare Collocations corpus 1”


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