Speaking reviews (2 exercises)


  1.  Download the OET Coach eBook 2022
  2. REVIEW the Criteria, marks, and what examiners listen for in good and bad practice.
  3. Click the “Materials” tab for 2 sample Role Play audios and evaluations
  4. Use the materials to help polish your Speaking in your own study or with your tutor.


  1. Review the role play card
  2. Listen to the role play audio
  3. See the grades and feedback given

NOTE: In all audios, the names have been purposely edited out where given by the healthcare professional, " patient" or "care-giver". This is not an error.

Role Play 1.1 (Med) - Biliary Atresia

Grade Hi-B Role Play 1.1 (Med) - Biliary Atresia


Role Play 2.1 (Med) - Abdominal Pain

Grade C+ Role Play 2.1 (Med) - Abdominal pain