Vocabulary Exercise A [B1]


Instructions. Below are 10 common procedures and collocations.

For good pronunciation, correct voice stress on the different parts of words (syllables) is important. In this exercise, syllables are in CAPITALS are stressed:


Listen to the audios of English speakers saying each expression and then using it in a natural sentence or question.

Practice repeating each expression ALOUD until you, too, flow smoothly and naturally.

See also Appendix 6.1 – Common Medical Procedures in Module Resources


1. have a caeSARean SECtion


2. clean and deBRIDE a wound (debride= remove dead tissue)

3. do a biOPsy

4. do a dipSTICK urinALysis

5. drain an ABscess


  • to injJECT
  • to give an inJECtion
  • to get an inJECtion

7. inSERT an AIRway

8. inSERT a CANnula


  • rehyDRATE
  • rehyDRAtion

10. take (your) blood PRESsure

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