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Shock and Clarity: When Doctors Become Patients Ep.1

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Shock and Clarity: When Doctors Become Patients Ep.1

Shock and Clarity: When Doctors Becomes Patients – Ep. 1 


Healthcare Communication.

Doctor-Patient Relationship.

Communication for Healthcare.

Thankfully, we are seeing these terms more and more. They are now also accepted as an integral part of securing better patient health outcomes.

Healthcare professionals (HCP) are put in clear role on one side of the patient-professional divide: good HCP “structure the interview”, “stick to best practice” and “educate the patient”. But HCP are also human beings who can and do get ill and then need a doctor or therapist themselves.

So what is it like to go from giving the diagnosis to being the one receiving it? To go from hovering over a patient’s surgical table to being the one looking up from it? To go from giving answers to being the one desperately needing them?

And what happens when this particular patient finally sheds the hideous hospital gown, picks back their stethoscope, and is once again back to being the HCP?


Welcome to this first in our five-part series:

Shock and Clarity – When Doctors Are Patients

We will share interesting articles from and interviews with HCP who have been on this journey. This is our first interesting article: “How my experience as a patient shaped my practice” by Julia Michie Bruckner, MD, MPH*.


As you read, think of these questions:

  1. Are you an HCP who has also been a patient with a serious illness?
  2. How did it impact your view of the patient experience?
  3. How did you change what you do on the job?




*Julia Michie Bruckner, MD, MPH is not affiliated with BPME

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