The OET Listening Coach eBook

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This 24-page eBook is a compact, intensive overview of the OET Listening subtest Parts A, B and C. Skills exercises plus OET tips & strategies in study to help you score B and above in the final test.
As in real-life healthcare, it is important to fully understand a range of general and technical language, not only vocabulary and essential grammar, but also meaning of more complex communications. How to quickly pick out fact versus attitude, overall meaning and implication for action to be taken, direct and indirect calls to action, cause and effect, inference and more.

How does the approach to A differ from the approach to B and from C? This guide helps you to start your study with the right focus and approach!


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  1. Lucia

    The Listening eBook provided invaluable tips and strategies that helped me excel in the OET exam. It’s a must-have resource for anyone aiming for a high score. Five stars!

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