OET Writing Assessment – Primary

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After buying 1 OET Writing assessment, you will:

  • Get 1 case note for the OET Writing subtest, once
  • Be assessed by healthcare experts and provided expert feedback on each letter.
  • Provided with a letter grade on each letter, based on OET examining criteria.
  • Provided with relevant feedback and guidelines.
  • Review a corrected sample letter.

OET Writing Assessment by Healthcare & OET Experts

On submitting your OET letter for correction, you will get:
– Feedback with letter score
– Your corrected letter
– A sample answer


  1. Relevant case notes will be provided after you let us know your profession by writing in at
  2. If buying more than 1 assessment at a time, write in at
  3. Writing corrections: Feedback takes 2 days. If over a Sunday or public holiday, it may take up to 1 day more.
  4. Course access – 30 days

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