OET Writing For Doctors – 5 Case Notes


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After buying 5 OET Writing corrections for Doctors, you will:

  • Get 5 case notes for the OET Writing subtest.
  • Be assessed by healthcare experts and provided expert feedback on each letter.
  • Provided with a grade on each letter, based on OET examining criteria.
  • Practice detailed strategies for identifying relevant information and ignoring non-relevant information.
  • Practice skills in organizing, summarising and rephrasing and being concise while accurate.
  • Review corrected samples with commentary & grades.
  • FREE: join Live Group OET Classes

OET Writing Corrections and Assessment by Healthcare & OET Experts

On submitting your OET letter for correction, you will get:
– A transcript with detailed score and feedback
– Your corrected letter
– A sample answer


  1. Case notes will be immediately accessible in your Library.
  2. Writing corrections: Feedback takes 2 days. If over a Sunday or public holiday, it may take up to 1 day more.

Course access – 60 days

Materials immediately accessible in your Library.

First time registration? You will get email instructions to access your Account Dashboard.

How to log into your Library: See “Help “ in site Footer.


4 reviews for OET Writing For Doctors – 5 Case Notes

  1. Yang

    I achieved a high score in the Writing section, all thanks to your help!

  2. Jane

    The instructors broke down the writing process and provided clear strategies to tackle each task.

  3. Luisa

    The instructors taught me how to effectively organize my ideas and express them clearly.

  4. Jamila

    The sample letters and personalized feedback helped me understand my weaknesses and work on them. Passed the Writing section with ease!

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