Pro Private Online OET Classes


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Work with a native English-Speaking, trained OET-tutor to ensure you get the right guidance.

You will receive a separate email to “Choose your Private Tutor”. Please reply to the email, answering the questions listed. We will connect you with your tutor who will then schedule classes with you directly.

Each class 60 minutes.

  • Work 1:1 with your tutor.
  • Do any or all 4 subtests.
  • Find out exactly what examiners are looking for
  • Understand your strengths and get realistic, informed guidance on where you need to improve, along with strategies for improvement.
  • Option: Do a mini-Mock test

2 reviews for Pro Private Online OET Classes

  1. Anna

    Top-notch instructors, excellent support!

  2. Yang

    The one-on-one sessions allowed me to progress at my own pace and receive immediate feedback, which was immensely beneficial.

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