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Success Stories

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Thank you so much Alecia. Just a few classes that I had with you made me pass my OET with 4 Bs. You are the best.

Boyd Hazemba

Nurse, Lusaka, Zambia

Hello Alecia, I want to thank you for helping me to pass the exam. I passed all the skills. Thank you so much, and I wish you the best.

Najmeh Maharlouei

Doctor, Califormia, United States

"Hi Alecia, I just received my OET score. Listening 370 Reading 410 Speaking 400 Writing 350 Thank you for all your help. I'll be forever grateful."

Pradeepan Mahendrarajah

Doctor, Birmingham, United Kingdom

" HI Alecia, Thank you so much for your effort towards my exam preparation. I passed my exam with B in reading, speaking and listening and C+ in writing. Thank you so much and I am grateful for joining your team"

Scholastica Nwokoro

Nurse, Lagos, Nigeria

"Thank you, Alecia I got my OET result today and I have passed OET. My last scores were Listening 380, Reading 390, Speaking 350, Writing 370. Thank you for your encouragement!"

Sophia Lien

Doctor, Fujian, China

Hi Alecia, Thank you very much for the efforts that you have made with me and it was a great pleasure for me to be your student. You are phenomenal.

Ibrahim Ahmed

Doctor, Muscat, Oman

Hi Alecia! Benjamin and I passed OET!!!! Two Salvadorans are infinitely grateful to you and your team for helping us. God bless you.

Claudia V. & Benjamin M

Medicine, El Salvador

Hello Ms Banfield, “I got my OET results today and … I wanted to share the news with you: Reading – 450; Writing – 400; Listening – 450; Speaking - 410. I can't thank you enough for all your guidance and help, this wouldn't be possible without all your teaching... It was a delight to be tutored by you".

Guneive M.

Medicine, USA

Dear Dr. Banfield, I would like to let you know that I passed grade B in all sections, which is required for USMLE alternative pathway. Writing correction was very helpful for me. Thank you for your help.

Tomoki S.

Medicine, Japan

At last I cleared the OET examination and i got a score of 420 in speaking and 370 in writing, all credits to you. Thank you so much for your help and I am really in debt to you.

Amar M

Medicine, US

You are the best!!! I just received my speaking results!!!! I passs!!!!! thank you Alecia!!!!!

Deyze B

Medicine, Brazil

Thank you, I just received my OET score. I am happy to share with you, I passed all subtests. reading 370. listening 350, writing 370, speaking 380!!! Thank you for your help, for building my confidence!

Helena B


I passed OET, writing 370, Speaking 420, Listening 400, Reading 450. Thank you for your writing course. Was definitely helpful!

J. Esli. M


I just got my scores for OET and I am happy to tell you that I passed all subsets. Thanks a lot for your writing corrections and feedback, it was immensely helpful.

Lakshay C

Medicine, India

Ms. Banfield, just wanted to inform you that I cleared my OET exam with an A grade. Thank you for all your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. I have learned a lot from this experience.

Lalit D

Medicine, US

I got my OET results and I passed. Thank you so much Alecia. Your tips were so helpful…

Laseena D

Nurse, India

I passed OET! Thank you so much for your kind support! listening 430, reading 460, speaking 380, writing 370. What I did was follow your advice and use your materials!

Mako W

Medicine, Japan

Dear Dr Banfield, I cannot thank you enough for your fast OET writing course that I took before my last exam – my score in writing has risen from 300 to 380! The course was very logical and easy to follow and all assessments were useful. You’re changing lives!

Maria G

Medicine, Portugal

Hi Alecia, Thank you for teaching me OET Listening. Fortunately, I passed OET. Your techniques were excellent and my Listening score improved from 310 to 360. Thank you so much for helping me.

Masamoto Y

Medicine, Japan

Hi Alecia, I cannot believe it but I passed the OET!!! I have got 410 points in the writing part and I thought that it was really bad! Thank you so much for all your help. You really are a great tutor!

Noelle P

Nursing, Germany

Hi Alecia, I passed the test. Thank you very much for teaching me. Your mock speaking practice and grammar comments are very great.

Vong J

Medicine, Thailand

[Writing 400. Listening 410. Reading 420. Speaking 420] Boooooooom. Love your work. You are awesome.

Siamak S

Medicine, France

Hello Ma'am. I am so happy with my OET results. I'd really like to thank you for your patience while teaching us, your calm nature in correcting our mistakes and the late night classes. You really gave me the confidence that I needed to get through the process. I really enjoyed your fun filled classes. Thank you for being an inspiration. Writing -370, Listening - 420, Reading - 370, Speaking - 380

Anita Carvalho

Nurse, Chennai, India

Hi Alecia, I am so pleased to inform you that I have finally passed the OET exam! Your intensive writing course and one on one coaching have helped me achieve the score I needed. When I first saw your video on writing, I knew that you would be the best OET tutor anyone could ask for and I was not wrong. I highly recommend your courses to all the nurses chasing their dreams. Again, thank you so much for your one-of-a-kind guidance and support.

Dianne McDonald

Nurse, Dunedin, New Zealand

Many thanks to all the Banfield team for helping me pass the OET exam for usmle pathway. Incredible coaching, guidance in every way. Excellent speaking session with Mike and Michael all very good teachers and willing to help in every way. Thank you very much everyone. You do an excellent job. I got B in each section.

Evelyn Borchert

Medicine, Chile

I passed the OET Alecia … thank you so much. You were the only one who truly understood me and also had patience and gave me the best advice …in order to regain focus …. I really really appreciated all of the things you’ve done and I am glad to have you as a teacher.

Lissette O


I am so grateful to tell you about my results. I got 360 in writing after your valuable corrections and detailed feedback. I failed two times in writing But your guidance gave me correct path to crack OET. Thank you so much, I don't have words to express my feeling. Thank you so much for your time and effort.


Medicine, Egypt

I just want to say a big thank you for your help and support on my writing letter corrections. Today, I received my results and I got a 390 in writing, and B in all categories. Thank you Alecia, all your feedback for my writing helped me to improve my English and correct my mistakes

Katia M

Medicine, Spain

I just received my results and I got my OET! I have not enough words to express all my gratitude for your tremendous help. Banfield mock test was really helpful and i will not hesitate to recommend your training in future.

Laura T

Medicine, Italy

Although time managements was a major issue during the exam, I still managed to score the required grade because of the incredible feedback and tips you gave on my writing tasks. I scored 380. Thank you so much for your help!

Mahrukh A

Medicine, Egypt

My results are back!!! [Listening 390, Reading 380, Writing 350, Speaking 350] Thank you for everything!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

Maria P

Medicine, Colombia

Hi Alecia… I received the OET results … and I managed to get a B in all categories. In the writing test I got 360 which was basically the same as I got during the mock test (350). I will now be able to do my GMC registration… I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to pass the writing without you.

Said M

Medicine, Germany

Hi Alecia, I am writing to you to say thank you so much for helping me out with my writing part. The first time I took it I got 290, but this second time after your help I got 400. I would like to tell you that your method and the way how to approach the case notes made the difference for me. Again thank you!

Sarah C

Medicine, USA

My results are in!! I scored a 450 in the reading, listening and speaking subtests, and a 380 in the writing subtest. Our last minute guidance and more importantly, your pep talk, really helped. Appreciate it!

Tabitha L

Medicine, India

Waowwwwww thank you so much!!!! I thank you again for your writing corrections!!! … I can’t believe it!!!Imagine that in IELTS my score for the writing and speaking was … a C. Now I will have the opportunity to work in England and this could change my life! Thanks again!!!

Valeria K

Medicine, Switzerland

Dear Alecia, I am writing today to express my thankfulness for our success in OET. You became my hero and touched my life with your magic stick to open the doors to my dreams. We focused on my weakness, found the problems and you guided me how to solve them… You said "we passed" when I got my result, and you have become one of important people in my life I’ll always remember…

Tara K

Medicine, Turkey

Thank you very much, Alecia and team. I had last-minute revisions, and you were able to accommodate my schedule. Thanks to Robert and Michael, who helped me with my one-on-one speaking classes. Their different teaching styles are complementary and helped me develop my skills in speaking. Thank you, Alecia, for all the help with my writing corrections; they were detailed and very educative.I am happy to say I scored over 400 in all sections; 2As and 2Bs. I'm so happy!!! Thank you once again

Jennifer J.C

Medicine, USA

Dear Madam, I want to share my OET result sheet with you since you supported me by providing a great course. Writing -320 Listening - 390. Reading - 370 Speaking - 370 You corrected every letter writing I sent. You always guided me in the proper direction. Your encouraging words are still echoing in my mind: for the speaking you said, "You take charge of the speaking session. It is your field. Take control". It was really really useful during my role play in the exam. So was your advice to practise for Listening and Reading. Thank you very much once again Madam for your wonderful, intuitive and inspiring words. They really resonated with me. I am very grateful for your support. Your additional writing corrections really helped me a lot. More than just teaching English, you are a teacher who speaks to the soul. Now I can follow the path to my target dream Job in UK. I will definitely recommend your courses for any colleagues who will be doing OET in the future.

Nalin Gamini Thilakarathne

Nurse, Polgasowita, Sri Lanka

Hello Ma'am, My OET result came today and fortunately i got B (390 in listening and 370 in the rest of the subtests) in all subtests. It was not possible without your guidance. Seriously words fall short for expressing my feelings. I am so so so so so thankful to you as you are the one who made it possible. You took me through all the steps and guided me till the last day of the exam. You are the best teacher I ever had. I would definitely recommend my colleagues to get teaching courses from you.

Basra Laghari

Doctor, Essex, United Kingdom