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OET Speaking “Intelligibility”

Clear and to the Point!

The Occupational English Test (OET) speaking subtest requires that candidates play the role of a healthcare professional interacting professionally but empathetically with a patient, family member or caretaker as in real-life.


OET Skills (Grammar) “Why do we love chocolate?”

‘Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree. That makes it a plant. So chocolate is salad!’

This popular jest calms our conscience as we indulge in a sweet and satisfying chocolate bar without remorse. Chocolate is even called “comfort food”, like giving yourself a much-needed present.


OET Skills (Vocabulary building) “Culture & the doctor-patient relationship”

Globally, the decades since 1990 have seen a change in the traditional doctor-patient relationship (DPR), especially in western societies. It is debatable if the change is an evolution, a metamorphosis or a simple shift.


OET skills (Reading) “Sibling rivalry”

“Hope enjoyed cooking for her family. On one visit, her sister made miserable comments about everything that Hope had prepared for the dinner. Their father could not bear the insults [towards] his younger daughter’s efforts to organize a family gathering and asked the older sister to apologize or leave.


OET Skills (Reading) “Clitoral Reconstructive Surgery after Female Genital Mutilation”

In an earlier Blog, “Female Genital Mutilation”, we discussed how powerful the ancient tradition of FGM was and the impact of this pressure still in modern times.


OET Skills (Grammar) “Things Successful OET Candidates Do Well”

The OET is challenging, but the successes each year show that you can succeed.
First, you need to have a good level of English in all four language communication areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. More specifically, your English should be comparable to B2+ to C1 on the Common European Framework for Languages scale.


OET SKILLS (Reading) “Communication in LGBTQ Healthcare “

The LBGTQ community has not always been openly acknowledged or treated with regard and respect. Thankfully, modern thinking is seeking to change this for the better and many studies have already been done highlighting the major health issues of the community worldwide.


OET SKILLS (Reading: Opinion & Attitude) “Let Your Pet Be Your Superpower!”

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Were you raised on a farm and appreciate working farm animals more? Or are you the type to forego the traditional in favour of something more exotic, like an iguana or snake?


OET SKILLS (Sentence Structure) “Why Do We Love?”

“I love you.”

Almost of us want to say it, hear it or feel that familial or romantic bond in our lifetime, preferably more than once. What is “love” anyway? We each likely have our own definition, but various dictionaries define it as something like “great liking for an activity or thing”, or a “deep affection for someone” (or, this could also refer to an animal).